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Health And Hygiene Programme :


Regular health checkups and vaccination are organized to spread health awareness not only to the children but also their parents. Camps were also held for cancer detection.


De- Worming

De - worming programme is a part of the regular health check-ups. 12500 de-worming tablets were distributed to children of all the schools and neighboring villages. Environment plan to plant 5 fruit bearing trees in every house will reduce the worries to an extent in draught.

Nutritional Support Programe  

1003 Tribal Kids is ongoing for last 2 yrs.

Rs. 4 / Per Day / Per child.

Rs.100 / Month / Child

Rs.1000 / Year / Child

Good improvement in children health.

Education Programme 

Most of the rural areas have schools built by the government. But the problem lies with the functioning of them as well as inadequate or inexperienced staff. This is where we step in. We utilize these unattended infrastructure, and with the help of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a couple of organizations make an effort to provide the best of educational needs as possible.

There are now 32 primary schools, 11 secondary schools and 7 of these schools have inverter back up and internet.

A part from the basic education imparted. Computer teacher on wheels for training remote areas.

A collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) proved very fruitful in the process of spreading computer literacy.

Water supply -

Water supply Schemes to tribal villages. Villagers participate with digging well and burying pipe line.

We provide pump, pipe line and storage facility Kanhewadi, Kaman and Vetale villages completed. 20 more to be done.

Solar Panels -

1 solar panel installation in 287 rural schools has started this year.

70 more schools need it.

School villagers contribute Rs 5000/

Per village

Rajgurunagar Hospital

Earlier the hospital was functioning as a primary health centre. After 1970, once the government established its own primary health care centre, this hospital was transformed into a Charitable Hospital. Catering to the rural population of the Rajgurunagar Taluka, Pune District, the hospital is well equipped and at par with the Dr. Tilak Hospital in Mumbai. 

Bhilwadi Hospital

The Bhilwadi Hospital mainly lays emphasis on Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as Ophthalmology.

This hospital basically caters to migratory workers. This primary care hospital is rebuilt and it will be well equipped just like its other counterparts.

Vocational Training 

We set up Vocational Training Center to serve as a platform for the rural children, uneducated or unemployed youth, women and farmers to groom themselves as skilled individuals and sustainable living.

Nursing Training
We provided nursing training to girls and women. After finishing the nursing training, they became able to get jobs as Nurse in different hospitals in rural areas and give primary services to patients. As a result there is a lot of health improvement of rural people.

1. Percolating basic medical facility to            even remote villages.

2. We are officially body for Dai Training.

School Renovation -


we have been renovating and painting the primary schools in tribal areas around Rajgurunagar. We have completed 5 such schools in last 6 months. 20 Child Friendly attractive tribal schools are done. Child friendly atmosphere attracts children towards schools. 'Zero dropout' rate is achieved in all these schools.

Change in  behavior pattern of tribal kids is remarkable and positive.


Digital schools -


Total 316 ZP schools are transformed with e-learning and 40 more to be done by the month of June.

Mobile and Computer Training Center -

The Bombay Mother And Children Welfare Society has been offering professional training to students. It is well-known for training students in hardware and networking and mobile repairing.

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