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An Endowment fund, sponsored by

Dr. Akhil Sangal in memory of

his parents

late Shri. Pradyumn K. Sangal and

late Smt. Shakuntala Sangal to 
"Enable, Educate and Empower Talent".

Graduates Holding Diplomas

BMCWS is happy to announce the creation of an Endowment fund,

sponsored by Dr. Akhil Sangal in memory of his parents

late Shri. Pradyumn K. Sangal and late Smt. Shakuntala Sangal to

 " Enable, Educate and Empower Talent ".

We believe while huge potential exists in India, it is unable to

blossom due to limitations of finance, opportunity, awareness and avenues.

BMCWS with its widespread reach and support shall endeavour to bridge this gap.  

BMCWS will use the income from this corpus fund to support talented

children to achieve their potential and bring laurels. Deserve and become:-

1. Shri Pradyumn Scholar 

2. Smt. Shakuntala Scholar

A unique project - novel idea and platform - talent in any field!

"Enable,Educate and Empower" Talent - Gifted children needing hope and support are our interest and responsibility.

Lot of Rural/urban talent can not achieve full potential due to lack of support facilities and financial support.


The Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society in association with Dr. Akhil Sangal has established above mentioned fund for this purpose.
You have talent in study, sport or a hobby. But  your talent is hampered by lack of expert guidance and financial difficulties? Don't worry. The Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society Mumbai / Rajgurunagar is there for you to hold your hand and take care - "Hum Hain Na".

Through "Pratibha Shodh Scholarship" project our "gurus" and like-minded organizations will actively work to spot and nurture talent and help you achieve your goals.

1. Shri Pradyumn scholar for male child

2. Smt. Shakuntala Scholar for female child.

The role of the teacher in selecting the students is invaluable.

They can guide and show the way to their students.

All they have to do is to identify the talent and submit their applications to us by e mail.

The institute will provide scholarships to eligible students and help them progress in their field of interest.

The children who cannot afford fees for their higher education/ training / coaching will get an opportunity to fulfil their dreams.  

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